Fjordfiesta produces timeless furniture for generations to come. Inspired by the beautiful nature of Norway, the brand is rooted in the aesthetics of Scandinavian design history, and has a concern for modern-day ethical and environmental challenges.
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As the only Norwegian producer of classical furniture, Fjordfiesta is dedicated to discover and promote hidden gems.

Reintroducing the Scandia chairs

Fjordfiesta’s first mission was to reintroduce the Scandia range of chairs, designed in the 1950’s by Hans Brattrud.

Committing to young contemporary designers

Beside its passion for timeless classics of furniture design history, Fjordfiesta is also committed to young emerging contemporary designers, who reflect the Scandinavian spirit through warmth, lightness, a high degree of craftsmanship, simplicity as well as functionality.

Bambi Lounge - A Norwegian love story

The Bambi Lounge chair – an epitome of Norwegian design and the centerpiece of the Bambi Line, was originally designed by the renowned furniture design company Rastad & Relling in the mid 50’s.

Fjordfiesta felt the need to bring a piece of furniture history back in the limelight and show how Scandinavian Design never goes out of style.


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